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How to Build Corporate Trust Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly affected the way businesses operate. Seeing that most businesses have turned to online solutions to keep operations afloat, it is also critical to keep your reputation positive if you want to stay profitable.

But how exactly would you be able to build corporate trust? Is it enough to collect customer reviews occasionally?  What else can you do to manage your corporate reputation during these most challenging times? Read on to find out six tips on how you can better manage corporate reputation amidst the pandemic:

Keep the Public Mood in Check

As the situation caused by the pandemic constantly changes, it is important that you always keep track of the public’s mood; always consider this when you are communicating with your audience. You should also adjust your voice tone to match that of the public. One way to ensure that you are updated is by monitoring the news and COVID-19-related announcements.

Stay Visible and Relevant

Although you may have to stay home and work remotely because of the virus, that doesn’t mean you should halt all communications with your customers or even workers. Everybody wants to be updated with what’s happening, and you must believe that your loyal customers are waiting to hear from you. Let them know how your business is adjusting and what changes they can expect.

For instance, if there are changes in the way you do your business, whether it’s an adjustment in operating hours or how you handle deliveries, you must inform your customers. If you proactively discuss these changes with your customers, you can save yourself from complaints later on and retain their trust!

Assess Your Marketing Tactics

Now is also a good time to rethink whether or not your advertising or marketing campaigns are still working, given the huge change brought about by the COVID-19 virus. It’s possible that they need some tweaking. However, be careful with the changes you make, as the last thing you want is for the brand to be associated with the pandemic negatively.

Work on Building Trust

By working on the strategies that you have for building trust, you can ensure that you will still have customers supporting your brand and products even after the pandemic is over. You might not be able to be there for them in person, but today’s technology allows you to keep constant communication with your customer base. Some things that you can do include posting relevant content that will provide your audience with the information they need or sending them personalized messages with exclusive perks to show you value their support.

Take Care of Your Employees

Keep in mind that your employees are the backbone of your business. Now is the time to show your appreciation by ensuring that they are treated well and taken care of during this crisis. There are companies that have already lost the trust of the public because of their decisions regarding their employees. You don’t want people to think you are a brand that only cares about its employees when times are good––this is how you will lose corporate trust! 

Consider What People See About Your Brand Online

Remember that your potential customers will be ‘Googling’ about your business. You want to make sure that they’ll like what they see. By having an automated reputation marketing system from Turnkey Reputation, you can rest assured that your audience will see great customer reviews about your company!

Conclusion on How to Build Corporate Trust

It’s a tricky landscape that every business is walking on right now. A wrong move during this pandemic could mean losing thousands of potential customers, especially as they are quick to point out a company’s shortcomings. But it’s also the perfect opportunity to build corporate trust. Show everyone that you are a company that people can rely on in these most challenging times.

Build trust by maintaining open communication with your audience, adapting to the changes as needed, improving your strategies, taking care of your employees, and making the most of positive customer feedback.

When you need to collect customer reviews to help build trust for your brand, Turnkey Reputation is here for you. Our system can increase your customer reviews, track your presence online, and help you get ahead in the game. Contact us today to know how we can help you build trust for your company!

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