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Automate Your Reputation & Increase Your Brand Trust Today!
Reputation Marketing System

Boost Your Business 24/7 with an
Automated Reputation Marketing System

We start by identifying the top review sites where your customer reviews should be included, the software will then work behind the scenes where you’ll receive reviews from about 40% of your customers. Every good review posted on the review site will help boost your business in search results, and instill trust and confidence in potential new customers.

As important changes are made to your online reputation you’ll be notified immediately allowing you to take control of your reputation instantly. With our software, you’ll receivev reviews on ALL the sites that matter to your industry, which will boost your business both now and in the future.

Taking Control of Your Online Reputation Made Simple

All interactions can be fully customized and the customers get to see everything as branded to your business.
You can track all of your entire web presence using our Active Reputation Tracker. We carry out focused monitoring of both you and your competition and send a prompt notification on every change or important adjustment to your reputation.
Kiosk mode makes it easy to set up the dashboard on a tablet at the point of sale where you can easily get customer info.
TurnKey Reputation allows you to decide which review site each of the good reviews would go to based on real live information.
TurnKey Reputation interprets the negative feedback as a crucial insight that will enable you to understand the need of the customers.You can enter the customer data using a web or a mobile. You may decide to use one of the 750 integrations to connect the software already in use.
To see who your top performers are, you can access employee or location reports. Automatic reports will be sent monthly as well.
Get Google Reviews

Get to The Top
of Search Pages Faster

Google as well as other top search engines are making use of current reviews as a basis for carrying out their updates and deciding ranking position factors.

The majority of our users have witnessed a significant increase in Google rankings, especially the local listings section on Google Business Profile, when they receive positive reviews from satisfied customers. Keywords found within their customer’s actual review signal to search engines what your company is about, services provided, and more, and this in turn increases your online rankings, thus presence and visibility.

Reviews Boost
All Your Marketing Efforts

  • Is your Website Design Appealing?
  • Is it Optimized for SEO?
  • Have you Improved your PPC Campaign?
  • Drive Traffic from Social Media?

Online conversion rates have been shown to increase once a company establishes a good reputation. When you have numerous positive reviews increasing over time, it will help reduce your efforts in finding new customers through other marketing channels. This is because more people are persuaded by real reviews left by your customers, and if you have the most positive reviews, leads are more likely to contact you than your competition.

Get Real Reviews
Get Reviews

Get Real Reviews
from Your Customers

TurnKey Reputation has made getting real reviews easier through its highly optimized and automated process. We have achieved these incredible results through helping thousands of customers and different businesses connect from all over, studying that data, and fine-tuning the system for maximum results.

Our software automatically sends a request for a review just at the right time and follows it up automatically requiring no work on your end, generating real detailed reviews averaging from about 40% of the customers entered in the dashboard.

Any negative feedback provides your business insight on what needs to be improved or changed helping you to make your business better.

Real Customers + TurnKey Reputation = Your Success

The success of TurnKey Reputation is based on its cutting edge technology, and we understand that our success isn’t just based on having the most advanced reputation marketing software.

We are fully aware that our success is based on how much we can offer and this makes us work hard all the time to think up different ways of serving you better. We ensure that when you decide to use TurnKey Reputation, you’ll be able to talk to a real person at any time who’s interested in guiding you on improving your online reputation and helping your business grow. Most of the processes have been fully automated but we still make calls and send out emails to get information on how better we can meet your business needs and help grow your reputation!