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Automate Your Reputation & Increase Your Brand Trust Today!
Improve Company Trust

Improve Your Company’s Trust

When searching for a hotel or a decent restaurant, what did you search for? Did you search for an advert or looked for the reviews?

TurnKey Reputation makes sure that the customers are given the best experience and they in turn use good reviews to attract the masses to your business.
It is now common knowledge that the reviews are more trusted than even the best advertisements. The TurnKey Reputation software will provide reviews of your business from about 40% of your customers.

Imagine how much it would mean to your business when about 40% of your happy customers took some minutes to provide your business with a positive review.

The Job of Marketers Just Got Easier

Do you want to have…

  • A marketing strategy that is sure to work?
  • Measurable real results?
  • New customers?

With a good online reputation which includes all positive reviews found online and can be connected across different important sites online, you’ll be able to get new customers. This will cost you less and would not require a lot of effort from you as regards getting a new customer for the business.

TurnKey Reputation has made it easier to have a great online reputation. This technology has provided the business with some advantage over their competitors.

A positive review will improve your marketing efforts and will increase your SEO rankings and conversions.

Online Reputation Strategy
Automatic Monthly Reporting

A Useful Tool for Managers

Managers who would love to see which of their employees are providing the best customer service or want to know which of their business locations have had great improvement over the last quarter would find this tool useful.

Can Be Used to Track Each Employee and Each Location.

In our monthly reports, you’ll get to know which of your employees was the best or the worst as regards how much customer satisfaction they could provide. You can log in at any time to see this with just a few clicks.

Could This Be an Effective Tool or Just a Growth Hack?

Hacking your Growth might not be great for your business in the long run. There are great ways that you can grow your business and earn as well.

TurnKey Reputation has been designed to be fully customizable to your brand, as well as easy to use. It can be adjusted to suit any company, organization, franchise, or firm.

TurnKey Reputation ensures the growth of the business by providing new customers and engaging your existing customers automatically after the sale. The new customers then become the brand ambassador for your business.

Negative feedback is internalized such that they provide useful insights to help the business grow.

Reputation Growth Hack