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Automate Your Reputation & Increase Your Brand Trust Today!

How It Works

Customer Success Stories

What's the catch with the 30 Day Free Trial?

There is no catch! We won’t email you every day trying to up-sell you on something. You’ll have full access to our reputation dashboard for 30 days. When it gets close to the end of the 30 days, we’ll email you a reminder. If you decide not to continue with the service, simply email us at  We will cancel the account with no strings attached and you won’t be charged. You can even keep any reviews you received!

Are there any up-sells or other plans?

There are no up-sells. One simple low-cost price for all features for one location. If you have more than one location, please get in touch to discuss discounted volume pricing to ensure all your company’s locations benefit from the software!

Is it difficult to cancel my account?

No, we make things as easy as possible! If you decide we’re just not a good fit, we’re not going to trick you into staying. If you would like to cancel during the free trial or if you already have a paid account and would like to cancel simply contact us and we will take care of it.

What industries do we work with?

Our software is designed to be used for any industry, and because the system is fully customizable, our reputation system can be used worldwide.

Is the system HIPAA-compliant?

Yes! Our system is HIPAA-compliant and ideal for Dental Practices, Hospitals, Urgent Care facilities, and more!

Our software utilizes 256-bit SSL encryption for all communications, and take all necessary measures to ensure compliance with Protected Health Information (PHI).

What if I don't see any new reviews?


However, if customers tell you they left a review and you’re not seeing it published online there could be several explanations:

1st REASON: Your customer clicked 4 or 5 on the review link then our software sent them over to Google, Facebook, etc and they NEVER finished the review there and posted it. They have to go where our software sends them write the review and actually post it on the platform. Just choosing stars will NOT finish the review on the review site.

2nd REASON: Google and other sites sometimes take a few days to publish new reviews. We believe they are internally checking to make sure the reviews are real and NOT fake. So it is normal for a few day delay before you see the reviews actually posted. They are not instant.

3rd REASON: Sometimes Google and other sites will show up top Most Relevant Review. This can be an older review. This does not mean the newer reviews are not there. They can do a search for NEWEST reviews, by selecting the filtering option.

What if I need support?

Our support team can be reached through various support options if you have questions or need assistance. We currently don’t support unscheduled phone calls, but are happy to get on the phone at any time. We’ll also set up a custom demo for you, so you can see exactly how to take advantage of the TurnKey Reputation system!

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