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Get Google Reviews for Travel Agencies

What Do Your Clients Say About Your Travel Agency?

You could be one of the best travel agencies out there, but if you have negative reviews online, your business is at stake. Get Google Reviews for Travel Agencies. Today consumers are more aware of the Internet and they rely on the Internet to find their next travel agency. In fact, 87 percent of people go online first to find a travel agent instead of using the yellow pages. In addition, 52 percent of those same consumers look at online review sites before actually calling and making an appointment.

If you have a negative review on any of those sites, you could risk every potential customer that reads those negative reviews.

Why Reputation Marketing Should Be Your Only Priority

You might spend thousands each year in marketing and SEO, but as long as you have a bad reputation, your business will suffer. People don’t trust companies with negative reviews and it only takes one negative review to ruin the image of your business. Instead of focusing all of your funds toward marketing, you should be focusing on reputation management and marketing.

Let TurnKey Reputation Help Your Travel AgencyGet Google Reviews

TurnKey Reputation implements a three-step approach to helping you grow your travel agency. Unlike the competition, we don’t just monitor your reputation; we manage it so that it is a reputation you’re proud to syndicate nationally.

First: We Build Your Reputation Online

We will contact your customers, help solicit reviews and even monitor online review sites to see what others are saying about your travel agency. Everything we collect is placed into a database that you can access.

Second: We Market Your Reputation

We take the reputation you have earned and syndicate it nationally via social media. We’ll use sites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to help grow awareness about your brand.

Third: We Manage Your Reputation

We use an online reputation monitoring system that keeps an eye on popular travel agency review sites. The second something is said about your agency, we will forward the review to you — even if it’s negative — so that you can see what people are saying about you.

How TurnKey Reputation Works to Get Google Reviews for Travel Agencies

When you hire TurnKey Reputation, we go to work for you and offer a robust reputation marketing service that takes your reputation a step further than the rest. Our services don’t just monitor, we build, cultivate, and encourage a five-star reputation for your travel agency for good.

Sign Up Now and Take Advantage of a Limited Time Offer

Reputation Management for Travel AgencyWhen you sign up for TurnKey Reputation’s proprietary customer review software and reputation marketing service, you get to take advantage of our four-step program as well as features you won’t find anywhere else. With us, there aren’t any contract periods. You can sign up today and cancel at any time — talk about reassurance!

When you sign up you will have instant administrative access to your account and we will get started creating your database and building your reputation.

Now is the time to take control of your travel agency’s reputation by hiring the professionals at TurnKey Reputation today. Get Google Reviews for travel agencies now by taking advantage of our 30-day free trial.

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