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Get Google Reviews for Assisted Living Facilities

Get Google Reviews for Assisted Living Facilities

Do You Know What People Are Saying About Your Business?

Assisted living companies have a lot of competition, especially as the Baby Boomers get ready for retirement. Therefore, to stay ahead of the competition you need to have a stellar reputation for excellence. If you don’t know what patients and past clients are saying about your assisted living facility, then you could be at risk.

TurnKey Reputation has a proprietary reputation marketing service that can not only help you monitor what clients are saying about your assisted living facility, but help you market a five-star reputation so that you can stay a step ahead of the competition at all times.

It Takes Just One Negative Review to Ruin Your Assisted Living Facility

Did you know that all it takes is just one negative review about your assisted living facility to trash your entire reputation? It doesn’t matter how many years you have been in business, how much you spend on marketing or even the relationships you have with insurance companies. When you have a poor reputation, you won’t get the new clients your agency needs to keep going.

New Clients Rely on the Word of Others

When people look at assisted living facilities for themselves or their loved ones, they want to go somewhere they can trust. That is why they turn to online reviews. Online reviews help people see what others have experienced with an assisted living facility and whether or not they recommend it. If your facility has poor reviews, you’re risking each potential client that reads those reviews.

Our Reputation Marketing Solution

TurnKey Reputation offers reputation marketing services that handle everything from management to monitoring to syndication. We don’t just help you find the positive reviews; we make you a star in the assisted living industry. Even better, we help train your employees to foster a five-star review environment so that more clients are encouraged to boast about your services online — and less negative reviews are out there too.

  • Building

First, we build your reputation by soliciting reviews from your clients (current and past). We monitor all of the review sites for assisted living communities and we put the reviews we find for your facility into a database that you can access.

  • Marketing

We take your positive reputation and we syndicate it on a global scale using social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. We help spread the word about what people think of your facility so that you can get the following your assisted living facility needs to thrive.

  • Management

From there we manage your reputation and ensure it stays at a five-star rating. We’ll monitor all the review sites, capture any reviews regarding your facility, and forward them straight to you. If we find a negative review, we notify you immediately to you so you can go to work rectifying the situation.

What Are You Waiting For? Control the Success of Your Assisted Living Facility Today

You don’t have to wonder if your marketing dollars are going to waste or if you’re reputation online is ruining the success of your facility. With TurnKey Reputation, everything is managed and marketed for you with our innovative reputation marketing service. Now is the time to Get Google Reviews for Assisted Living Facilities and promote what is great about your facility.

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