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Automate Your Reputation & Increase Your Brand Trust Today!
Get Google Reviews for Hotels

When someone searches for hotels in your area, what do they see regarding your establishment?

Having a stellar reputation is important in the hospitality industry, especially today. Over 80 percent of your future customers use the internet to find their next hotel — and 50 percent of them consider online reviews before ever booking a room. If you have even one negative review, you could lose a potential customer.

TurnKey Reputation is Your Solution to Get Google Reviews for Hotels

The hotel industry isn’t easy. As with any hospitality business, you have a lot of different customer types, personalities, etc. So, you are bound to run into a snag or two in your business. But, when those snags turn into negative reviews your business is at risk for losing revenue. You rely on filling your vacant rooms weekly to make sure your hotel stays open. So you can’t risk even one negative review that turns customers over to the competition.

Negative reviews aren’t always unhappy patrons. In fact, a negative review could be left from a former upset employee or even a competitor looking to maliciously attack your business. That is why you need a reputation marketing firm that has experience managing, monitoring and promoting your reputation the right way.

Reputation Promotions is #1

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on other promotions —discounts, travel agency recommendations, etc. — if you have a bad promotion you aren’t getting the business your hotel needs to stay open. A five-star reputation is what most people look for in a hotel. Therefore, you need to put your marketing dollar to work on your reputation. After you have a great reputation, your other marketing efforts will start getting you the ROI you would expect.

Why Choose TurnKey Reputation for Reputation Marketing?

  • Reputation Marketing for HotelsWe’re a recognized leader in reputation promotions.
  • We understand the hotel industry and know what it takes to get five-star reviews for a hotel.
  • We can help train your employees so they encourage more positive reviews for your hotel.
  • We don’t require contracts. So you can join, cancel and manage your reputation when you need to.

How TurnKey Reputation Reputation Marketing Works

We use a four-stage approach to help build the reputation of your hotel and monitor what people are saying about in the future.

  1. Build – We want to build your reputation first. So to do that we must first gather all of the reviews out there about your business online. That means scouring travel review sites, hotel sites and more. We put everything into a database for reference down the road and you will have access to that database any time you want.
  2. Promote – We take all of the positive reviews we have found and syndicate them on the internet so that everyone knows how great your service really is. From Twitter to Facebook to Pinterest, we take your brand viral.
  3. Monitoring and Managing – We continue to monitor your reputation online and make sure there are no more negative reviews popping up. If we catch one, we send it straight to you so that you can take action before your reputation is tarnished on the web.

When you sign up for TurnKey Reputation’s reputation marketing service you will also get your own feedback page.  This is a critical component in reputation management and marketing. This page catches all of the feedback from your customers, including the negative feedback, so that we can monitor and manage what people are saying about you. This page is designed with your brand in mind and gives customers a chance to really share what you could improve on or what they love about your hotel.

If you are looking to get Google Reviews for Hotels, now is the time to take control of your reputation. Get started with a reputation marketing package from the pros at TurnKey Reputation.

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