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Get Google Reviews for Insurance Company

Get Google Reviews for Insurance Company

People Are Talking About Your Insurance Agency Every Day, But Do You Know What They’re Saying?

Studies have shown that four out of five consumers don’t choose a business online when they see negative reviews. It’s time to take charge of your reputation by using a leader in reputation promotion services.

You have spent years creating a business that you are proud of. You have probably invested hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and made significant sacrifices to take care of your insurance agency. All it takes is one negative review to reverse all of the work you have done.

You are providing the best service possible to your clients, but in the insurance agency, it isn’t easy to avoid negative reviews. All it takes is one person unhappy with their policy or how a claim was handled to leave negative review. When you have negative reviews posted online, you are losing potential clients from around the country just from a single negative review.

TurnKey Reputation can help you take control of your reputation so that you don’t lose business because of one negative review.

TurnKey Reputation Takes Reputation Management to a New Level

Reputation management is important, but it’s only one-step in a series that you need to protect your agency’s reputation. With TurnKey Reputation, it not only includes a complete reputation promotion service but you also get to build Google Reviews for your Insurance Company. We’re the leaders in reputation management, marketing and establishment. We’ll help drive more clients to your agency and keep your agency competitive in a highly difficult industry.

Reputation Marketing Helps Your Insurance Agency SucceedGet Google Reviews

The biggest investment you can make into your agency is hiring a reputation promotion service. It doesn’t matter where you are also investing — marketing, etc. — because if you have a negative reputation all of your other efforts will fail.

Successful reputation marketing is all about taking the positive feedback of customers and promoting it on a national scale. Essentially you are using the feedback from your clients to drive new business and sell your agency to new clients.

How TurnKey Reputation’s Reputation Marketing Helps Grow Your Insurance Agency

We give you the tools to build, manage and establish yourself with a five-star reputation. Unlike other reputation services, we don’t just monitor, we engage. We use a four-step approach that helps build your insurance agency’s reputation into one that new clients can trust.

  1. Training – Your agency employees could quickly ruin your agency’s reputation. That is why we have a customized training module that addresses the concerns of the insurance industry. We will teach your employees how to encourage five-star reviews so that your reputation is never compromised.
  2. Building – We monitor all of the top review sites and insurance agency review sites and capture all of the reviews people are leaving about your agency. We compile them into a database that you can access later too.
  3. Syndication – Once we have a list of reviews our reputation promotion experts go to work promoting those positive reviews online through social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and more.
  4. Monitoring – We work hard to establish you with a five-star reputation, which is why we also monitor that reputation to make sure it is sticking. If we catch a review, we’ll let you know what people are saying about you. And, we’ll catch negative reviews before they populate.

What You Get With TurnKey Reputation’s Reputation Marketing Service

There’s no risk to sign up for TurnKey Reputation’s reputation marketing service with our Free 30-Day Unlimited Trial. Take advantage of free setup and free branding for your insurance company. In fact, we don’t require contract periods, so you can sign up and cancel at any time.

Now is the time to take control of your reputation online and make sure you’re not losing potential clients because of one negative review. With TurnKey Reputation, you can grow your business, stay competitive and always know what people are saying about your business.

With more clients looking online to find their next insurance agent, you can’t risk to be one with a negative reputation.

Sign up with the reputation experts today at TurnKey Reputation.

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