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Get Google Reviews for Lawyers

Get Google Reviews for Lawyers

Do you know what people are saying about your law office?

Your online reviews establish your reputation. If your law firm has a poor review, even just one negative review, your entire practice is at risk. With TurnKey Reputation, you won’t have to worry about what people are saying about your practice — you’ll know with our reputation marketing service.

Your Reputation is Vital to Your Success

As an Lawyer, you deal with a lot of different types of clients and situations. There is bound to be a reason someone might leave a negative review. Even though you work hard, know your business and strive to please everyone, the fact of the matter is you can’t. Also, you could have an unhappy ex-employee or even a competitor that is looking to put you out of business. Because anyone can leave reviews on the internet— whether they actually did business with you or not — it isn’t hard for someone to ruin your law office’s reputation in a matter of minutes.

The area of law requires a lot of trust. When people look online for their next Lawyer, they often turn to review sites to see what others have to say about their experiences. You need positive reviews to convince those people to use your services. Without a good reputation, customers are unlikely to make a consultation with you — and that’s something your law firm cannot risk.

A Good Reputation Sells Faster Than Any Other Type of Marketing – Get Google Reviews for Lawyers

Because over 50 percent of internet users consider reviews before picking a Lawyer, having a five-star review automatically puts you in the running for a customer. It doesn’t matter how much money you’re spending on advertising, you still need a five-star reputation to back it all up. That is where TurnKey Reputation’s reputation marketing can help.

We’re a one-stop shop for reputation promotions. We’ll help build, manage, monitor and promote your reputation so that you remain competitive and stay at the top of consumer lists.

How TurnKey Reputation Works

When you sign up for TurnKey Reputation we create a feedback page for your law firm. Here your clients (past and current) can leave their feedback. All of this information is captured into a database. We’ll automatically promote the positive reviews and all negative reviews are forwarded to you so that you have a chance to turn those negative reviews into positive ones.

So how does TurnKey Reputation get results?

  1. We Build – We monitor the web and gather up any reviews we can find on your law firm. Everything is put into a database that you can access any time so you always know what is being said about your law firm.
  2. We Promote – We take all of the positive reviews we can find and we promote them across the internet. We’ll harness the power of social media and promote via Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn to get the word out about your practice.
  3. We Monitor – We keep an eye out on the web to make sure the reviews coming in are five-star reviews. If they aren’t, you’ll be the first to know.

It’s time to take your law firm to the next level with TurnKey Reputation’s reputation marketing. Get started today and enjoy no contracts, no gimmicks — just real reputation building.

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