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Get Google Reviews for Electrician

Get Google Reviews for Electrician

The internet has new reviews posted every day. Do you know what reviews are being posted about your electrician business?

Did you know…

  • Over 70 percent of consumers’ trust companies that have at least six to 10 positive reviews?
  • Over 80 percent of consumers now look online to find their next electrician?
  • Over 50 percent of those same consumers consider online reviews before hiring an electrician?

Your reputation is all you have when it comes to businesses online these days. If you have negative reviews — even just one negative review — you could be at risk for losing business.

Why Reputation Marketing for Electricians?

At TurnKey Reputation, we don’t just monitor and manage, we help promote your positive reputation across the internet so that you are the leader in your industry. As an electrician, you have a lot of competition out there from other companies, handymen and even DIY stores. You can’t risk one negative review when there are so many alternatives for your customers to choose from.

Because anyone can write a review online, your business is at risk for vindictive, false reviews that harm the reputation of your company. If you aren’t tracking what is being said about you and organizing the good reviews, you could be losing business on a daily basis.

  • Your reputation is all you have. Your company depends on a good reputation to succeed — and reputation marketing is the best move you can make to protect it.
  • It takes just one negative review to destroy a business’s reputation — regardless of how long you have been in business, your level of expertise and even your training.
  • Customers online trust the reviews they read online; therefore, if they see negative reviews they will assume that they will have similar experiences.
  • If you want more business, you need positive reviews.
  • TurnKey Reputation can help you build, monitor and manage your reputation for ultimate success.

The Reputation Challenges an Electrician FacesGet Google Reviews

You’re a service provider, which means you deal with all types of customers in all types of situations. Sometimes you might be dealing with a new homeowner or an experienced contractor. With the volume of people you deal with on a daily basis in your business, you are more at risk for negative reviews. Also, you could have a vindictive ex-employee or competitor that is looking to destroy your business; therefore, they leave negative reviews that aren’t true.

Regardless, you need TurnKey Reputation’s reputation marketing service to help promote a positive reputation.

How TurnKey Reputation’s Reputation Marketing Helps Get Google Reviews for Electrician

We understand the special circumstances in your industry and we can help promote a more positive reputation. When you use us for reputation promotions, you will get a four-step process that takes your reputation to a five-star level.

  1. Build – We monitor the internet and find all of the reviews people are saying about your business. Everything is placed into a database (that you can access) and that we will use for reference. You’ll be able to see what everyone is saying about your services (good or bad).
  2. Promote – Next, we take your reputation to the public, promoting all of the positive reviews you receive via social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This helps gain exposure for your business and display your good reviews — the ones consumers can trust.
  3. Monitoring – After that, we continue to monitor your reputation online and make sure clients are leaving positive reviews. If we catch a negative review, you are notified right away to take care of the issue. It is our goal to turn even the worst reviews into a positive one through pro-active interference.
  4. Training – We train your employees and yourself in the art of creating five-star reviews. We focus on the things people are likely to write negatively about electricians and their services and teach you how to handle these situations.

But That’s Not All…

If you sign up now, you can also take advantage of a limited time offer. Get all setup fees waived and free branding for your business!  So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take control of your reputation and make sure you don’t lose another customer again.

Get started with TurnKey Reputation and Get Google Reviews for Electrician Today.


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