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Automate Your Reputation & Increase Your Brand Trust Today!
Get Google Reviews for Restaurants

What Are People Saying About Your Restaurant? We Help Get Google Reviews for Restaurants!

Making it in the restaurant industry isn’t easy. All it takes is one negative review from an unhappy patron to completely ruin your restaurant’s reputation. You’ve spent a lot of time and money creating the eatery of your dreams, now it is time to help your restaurant succeed with an innovative reputation marketing service.

TurnKey Reputation is the only reputation marketing service you’ll ever need to keep your restaurant at the top of search results and the top of hungry patron’s minds.

Did you know that 52 percent of patrons review a restaurant online before they go to eat there? If you have negative reviews, you could be losing potential business.

TurnKey Reputation offers a revolutionary online reputation management and marketing system that covers everything from monitoring to improving your online reputation across the web. We’ll get you that 5-star customer rating and help your restaurant establish yourself as the leader in the industry.

Improving Your Reputation Should be Your Restaurant’s Only Concern

Get Google ReviewsYou’re just one negative review away from losing your restaurant’s reputation.

What people say about your restaurant matters. Therefore, your first priority in business should be managing your reputation. You want a 5-star reputation online — because the more recommended your restaurant is, the more likely people are to come in and try it out for themselves.

It doesn’t matter how you market your company — printed sales advertisements, coupons, etc. — if you have negative reviews online, people won’t try what you are serving.

TurnKey Reputation helps improve your online reputation so that customers want to come in and dine with you and no one else.

Our Three Step Approach to Helping You Succeed

We’ve created a proprietary 3-step approach that helps local restaurants increase their brand and reputation power.

Step 1

We build your reputation from the ground up. We’ll solicit reviews and monitor the top review sites for restaurants around the country. Everything is then downloaded into our database so that you can access it and see what others have to say about your restaurant.

Step 2

We market your positive reputation online through social media networks like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and even Twitter.

Step 3

We manage your online reputation. Our monitoring system immediately alerts us if someone leaves a review about your establishment — positive or negative.

How Does It All Work?

Reputation Management for RestaurantsWhen you sign up for TurnKey Reputation, we create a Feedback Page that integrates with your brand and design. Every time a customer experiences your restaurant they are encouraged to visit this feedback system and leave their reviews — positive or negative. We will then capture those reviews and send them directly to you.

Positive reviews can be instantly syndicated across the web to help promote your company’s reputation. Negative reviews are sent directly to you for review so that you can see where you and your staff need to improve.

Some negative reviews common with restaurants include:

  • Poor Service — Customers wait too long to be seated, wait staff isn’t accommodating, wait staff is rude, etc.
  • Poor Food – Restaurant’s menus are what make or break the business. Sometimes customers don’t like the menu options, or feel the menu doesn’t accurately depict the food they receive.

When you sign up for TurnKey Reputation, you’ll gain access to our proprietary customer review software that can work in the background to build a positive reputation for your restaurant on all the review sites that matter.

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to harness the power of the web and syndicate your restaurant nationally with a stellar reputation. Our reputation marketing is effective, primed and directed toward your industry.

When you have positive reviews, your restaurant succeeds. Get Google Reviews for Restaurants Now.

Don’t let one negative review take down your restaurant. Sign up for TurnKey Reputation’s unique reputation marketing service today and be in control of what others have to say about your business.

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