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Reputation Management With Google

A Quick Guide to Improving Your Reputation Management with Google

Brands hoping to expand their reach online and build their presence may want to look into reputation management to make a name for themselves on the internet. Through search engines like Google, you have more chances of letting your potential customers discover you.

The first steps you have to take include looking your business up online and creating your own Google account before you can eliminate content that could harm your reputation. However, it’s pretty complicated to ask Google to help with your online reputation management.

Whether it involves false information or negative customer reviews, it’s challenging for the company to discover violations against their terms of use. Fortunately, instead of fixating on getting rid of content you don’t want, you should produce relevant content to push back the wrong results. Keep reading below to learn about reputation management for the sake of your brand.

Monitoring Your Brand’s Online Reputation

The first thing you must do to assess your brand’s reputation online is to go on Google. Research your business name, name of your products, names of the top executive, and other related terms.

From there, you have a high chance of discovering customer reviews posted on Google and third-party review platforms. Whether they’re good or bad, gather as much data as you can. However, the numerous feedback you find only scratches the surface of your reputation.

If you plan to keep track of your company’s online reputation for a long time, you should use a reputation management software that will allow you to analyze review websites. You can also use it to monitor your social media platforms daily to see if your customers have posted new reviews about your brand.

Besides feedback, the program can evaluate mentions and posts about your company on the same social media channels. You can also observe the reputation of your key partners and vendors because they have the power to impact your reputation.

Ways to Enhance Your Reputation on Google

After learning about the relevant information you can find on Google, you can use the data you’ve accumulated to boost your online reputation. If you’re dealing with false information, such as images wrongly linked to your brand, you could locate the owners and tell them to take them down.

If that doesn’t work, you can file a report to Google to remove the unwanted photos once you prove they’re violating the terms of use. On the other hand, If your company has old social media profiles you don’t manage anymore, you should remove those accounts to prevent your old posts from affecting how consumers view your brand.

If you’re an individual, you could consider deleting friends off your social networks to prevent unflattering content from affecting your image. You may want to modify your settings to prevent people from automatically tagging you in photos and posts you haven’t reviewed yet.

After getting your old posts out of the way, it’s time to produce new and relevant information to represent yourself or your company at present. It’s a meticulous process that involves your time and energy because you want to ensure you do it right this time around.


When you strive to focus on the image of your company online using valuable reputation management tools, you can guarantee to keep your brand in a good light. You must strive to update your content and monitor customer reviews, posts, and mentions so that search engines can continue including nothing but excellent content from your company.

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