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Manage Your Company Online Reputation

3 Steps to Better Manage Your Company’s Online Reputation

Maintaining an excellent online reputation is trickier than we think. Although it’s easy to block or respond to a few negative reviews on the internet, how do you handle a deluge of them?

Reputation Management is a way for content creators to support their websites against negative comments left by unsatisfied customers online. Feedback, either positive or negative, is always great. It serves as a search engine optimization factor for better rankings. However, too many negative reviews can impact a company’s reputation, causing businesses to lose potential customers.

1) Understand the Feedback

Feedback can be driven by various factors—terrible customer service, bad products, unsatisfying service, even horrible content. Even if a negative comment might get you angry upon reading it, remember to put yourself in the customers’ shoes. Although you didn’t feel bad about what you’ve produced, it could’ve triggered something in them.

Before going berserk, understand what the feedback says or demands. Does it need an immediate response? If so, get back to the customer who submitted the review right away. But keep it professional and above-board at all times. After providing what the customer needs, you can ask them to take down the negative review for you. However, do it in a non-demanding tone and stay professional during the conversation.

2) Identify Who Submitted It

If the listing comes from a verified customer, you should respond politely and genuinely interest in resolving the issue. First, let them know that you’re coming from a place of respect and apologize for the lousy experience they might have had. Try to offer a solution to alleviate the problem, such as refunds or a free product.

However, if the feedback was left by a competitor or someone who hasn’t bought a single product from your business, contact them and ask them to take down their post politely. You can also persuade them to update their reviews after having the chance to use your product or service. But if it’s a troll, it may be best not to engage at all.

3) Create More Content

A great way to cover up unsubstantiated reviews is by creating more content. More content means more posts ranked by search engines, practically starting a clean slate for your company online. It’s also great to use testimonials from your customers or ask for more reviews on Google listing to help the website rank better.  See also: 4 Tricks to Improve Your Online Reputation

Use the idea of covering up by producing more valuable content than that lousy feedback online. If you want to build authority for your brand, maybe it’s time to publish thought and industry leadership pieces to get your name in more places. But make sure to optimize your pages to have your links readily available for new users who might drop by.


Maintaining an excellent reputation online takes a lot of work—excellent customer service, products, and connection with current and potential customers. However, there are instances where an online reputation may be tainted by trolls or people who haven’t necessarily used the products or services. Those instances do happen, but you can also use them to your advantage.

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