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Handling Customer Reviews

Tips to Handling Good and Bad Customers Reviews

It’s never easy to receive negative feedback, especially for businesses that have worked hard to build their reputation through the years. Whether it’s from a genuinely unsatisfied customer or a consumer who just wants to cause trouble and give you a hard time, it’s important to learn how to handle each situation.

While most feedback you can expect from your customers is positive, there are those few negative reviews that have the power to affect your reputation. If you wish to maintain your spotless image online, you could utilize an online reputation management.

Part of organizing your reviews and scouring the digital world for everything your customers say about you daily is knowing how to deal with negative reviews. Keep reading below to find out how to solve your problem regarding receiving unpleasant feedback.

Understand the Feedback You Receive

When your business obtains customer comments that seem negative, you can look at them in two ways—accepting them as constructive feedback or labeling them as destructive feedback. Depending on how you deal with it, constructive feedback can work to make your brand better.

Meanwhile, if someone leaves an inaccurate and misleading review, they could be on a mission to harm your reputation. The safest way to handle the situation is to file a report to the platform the feedback was made. When the website finds enough proof that the review is inappropriate, they can take it down for you for violating their guidelines.

As for constructive feedback, despite receiving negative reviews, they can still offer you insights you could apply to your business to improve your products or services. It lets you view your brand from your customer’s perspective, identify your mistakes, and learn ways to prevent them.

Develop a System for Receiving Reviews

A valuable way to handle negative customer feedback is to create a firm system where you strive to send out an apology or message explaining your side when encountering an issue. Every time you leave a customer unsatisfied, you should try to make it up to them by reaching out and proving that you wish to fix the problem.

Despite their dissatisfaction, they will appreciate your efforts, convincing them not to give up on your business so soon. In line with that, you can’t always expect your unhappy customers to respond to you, and that’s okay.

Ultimately, what matters is you utilized a system to try and solve the issue and save your reputation from getting affected by negative reviews. You may want to use a reputation management software to schedule when to address the feedback you receive to avoid overlooking them.

Strive to Reach Out to Your Customers

Every time you collect customer reviews and discover negative feedback, the first thing you must always do is say sorry and let your customer know you want to make things better. Besides that, you should also discover how the problem started and if there is.

Most customers who leave reviews keep it short and straight to the point, and if it’s a bad one, you may have a hard time determining the issue with the bit of information they gave out. It’s up to you to get to the bottom of it by reaching out to them to ask them to explain further.

The crucial points you must find out from the unhappy customer involve the time and date of the incident and the products or services concerned. Knowing whether someone else from the company tried to resolve the case is also necessary information you must acquire.


While there are many ways to improve your online reputation, placing greater focus on the different customer reviews you receive offers quick and efficient results. That is, if you know how to handle good and bad customer feedback accordingly. When sorting through each of the reviews your business obtains, you should understand the feedback you receive, develop a system, and strive to reach out to your customers properly.

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