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Helpful Tips For Getting Positive Customer Reviews

3 Helpful Tips for Getting Positive Customer Reviews

What people have to say about your business can make or break your reputation. However, your online rating can get skewed when the only customer feedback you get is from disgruntled customers. Even when customers are satisfied with your service or product, they often do not take the time to leave reviews.

Somehow, people often only resort to leaving reviews when they have something to complain about. Otherwise, they don’t leave a review at all. This type of behavior from customers can be bad for our reputation since the online reviews and ratings we do get do not truly reflect what our customers feel.

It’s essential to collect customer reviews, especially good ones, to better understand how our customers view our brand. Delivering excellent customer service is the best way to get positive feedback. But here are some other ways you can get your customers to leave positive reviews.

Ask Customers to Review

This one’s pretty straightforward. Customers don’t often think about leaving a review even after receiving excellent service and a good sale. So, one way to collect customer reviews is to simply ask them.

Train your employees to ask customers to give a rating or a review. You can do this by handing out customer feedback forms every so often. Or perhaps invite customers to like and review your business’s Facebook page. You can even put a sign up near the cashier so your customers can easily find your business’s Facebook page and leave a review.

If you handle an online business, you can ask your customer service representatives to send a link to your page after every positive customer interaction. You can ask your customer to rate you five stars if they liked your service or leave customer feedback to help your business improve.

Respond to Customer Comments

Unresponsiveness can be a huge turnoff for your business. Customers appreciate it more if you can quickly respond to their comments and queries online.

Responding to customer comments can show your customers that you listen and take their feedback seriously. Thank people for positive customer comments and that you appreciate that they enjoyed your product or service. 

For negative comments, apologize for any lapses from your end and send them a message for further help. For example, if a product arrives damaged, offer to replace it or return their money. Being more accommodating can help turn an initially negative customer experience into a good one. And maybe this could lead them to leave some positive customer service feedback. 

Practice Brand Reputation Management

It’s essential to monitor what people have to say about your brand. This gives you a better picture of your online reputation and can help you improve it. For example, if you find out that you don’t have much of a reputation online, you can create strategies to help you collect customer reviews. Or maybe you see that there are a lot of people complaining about your product or service. Now that you’re aware, you can perform damage control and fix the problem moving forward. 

Brand reputation management can be beneficial, but it can also be time-consuming, so it’s best to invest in reputation management tools to help you out. This way, you can consolidate all the reviews and feedback from different online review platforms for a more comprehensive picture.


It’s essential for every business to have a good reputation. Getting happy customers to leave positive customer comments can really help boost your business’s reputation. Positive reviews can let potential customers know that your business is one that they can trust. Ask your customers to leave reviews, respond to customer feedback, and practice good brand reputation management to help improve your brand’s image.

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