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Positive Online Reviews For Businesses

The Importance of Positive Online Reviews for Businesses

Before potential customers make the decision to do business with a company, what is the first thing they default to doing? They will usually hop on the web and conduct a search on the company. They will usually be on the prowl for relevant information about the company and its products and services. One of the most common searches that potential customers will do is look for online reviews.

While it is common knowledge that having positive online reviews about a business is essential, how much are they really worth? As a business owner, you need to know that online reviews impact your company more than you think. Read on to find out the critical importance of online reviews, especially for an up-and-coming business.

The Importance of Positive Online Reviews for Businesses

There are many reasons why businesses should take their online reviews seriously. Read on to find out some of the best reasons to invest time and effort to ensure that your business reviews are more positive than negative.

Consumers Take Reviews Very Seriously

While it is impossible to please everybody, your garner reviews must be more positive than negative. Keep in mind that most customers take reviews very seriously. Up to 97 percent of potential customers make it a point to read business reviews online before deciding to make a purchase.

Finding Reviews on Your Business

There are different platforms where you may be able to find reviews about your business. Some of them you may know about, yet others may be more obscure to find. Knowing where to look is the key. Making it a point to read your online business reviews will give you insight into how your company is performing and if there are things that you may want to look into changing to better your business.

Different Reviews and How They Impact Your Business

Here is a list of the most common places where to look for reviews on your business.

1 – Google Reviews

Google reviews are among the most common (and most important) reviews that a business can have. When a potential customer does a Google search, star ratings and reviews relating to the business show up, giving them an instant idea of how good or bad the online reputation is. Positive Google reviews do not only improve your online reputation but will also improve your click-through rates!

2 – Yelp Reviews

Yelp is another big one. Getting positive reviews on Yelp can do a lot for a growing business. Statistics say that improving your Yelp reviews may help a business garner a five to nine percent increase in sales!

3 – Facebook Reviews 

Many people are on social media and turn to Facebook to read online reviews. Up to half of the people who visit the social media giant for reviews end up being influenced into buying or not.


If you feel that your online reviews are suboptimal, there is a way for you to turn this situation around. Responding to your reviews, whether positive or negative, and showing your customers that you value their opinions will go a long way in establishing your online reputation. Also, working with a reliable online reputation company will help improve how your target audience perceives your business in the long run.

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