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Customer Feedback

The Best Time to Get Customer Feedback: 4 Options for You

Businesses do not exist without the customers, so it only makes sense that they are the top priority for all endeavors and enhancements you plan to do. However, before executing any changes, there is one crucial step you must not skip. Make sure to get your customers’ feedback first before you implement any ideas. It does not matter what method of securing feedback you use. What is important is that you get their feedback at the right time.

If you think the timing is not essential to the equation, this article will tell you how it affects the data. Be sure to also review our comprehensive guide to online reputation management here. To make you understand better, here are some timing options and when they would be best to fit different needs and situations:

Option 1: Get Feedback Right After They Make Their Purchase

Some products and services would benefit more from immediate customer feedback. These are usually items or services that customers can immediately evaluate. For example, a food delivery service is something that customers can assess as soon as they receive their order. If you own a makeup boutique and let people try and wear your products, they can immediately form their opinion about what you sell.

Take the opportunity to get their insights while everything is still fresh. Whether through an app or a survey on paper, make sure to gather their thoughts about the process, service, or item while the experience is still new.

Option 2: Before and After You Make Updates

If you plan to make changes in your terms and conditions, service process, or products, it would be helpful to know people’s opinions first before you try to implement them. Conducting a short survey before your push through your adjustments would help you understand your customers’ feelings or thoughts about your existing setup. Furthermore, you can use the data you would gather as your basis for the new solutions you plan to execute.

After you enact the changes, consider conducting another survey to grasp your customers’ opinions on the new process, product, or service update. Besides having ideas on what to improve next, asking for their feedback would also help them feel heard and valued.

Option 3: Seek Feedback a Few Weeks After Their Purchase

If your product or service requires some processing time or observation process, it would be best to time your feedback generation weeks after their purchase. This scene is typical for e-commerce businesses selling products or services that take a while before getting the full experience of what they purchase. This method would apply best to a skincare product, a facial, a therapy, or a gadget that requires some time for product usage.

Option 4: The Moment They Stop Their Purchase/Subscription

Just because your customers avoid utilizing your products or services does not mean you should freely let them go. Ensure that you understand what they think about your offered products or services or their reasons for giving up their subscription before you fully let them go. Their answers could help you assess your business and create solutions to improve it further.

Conclusion on the Best Time to Get Customer Feedback

Customer feedback does matter for any business. After all, customers are your only reliable source for your company’s reputation and performance. Customer feedback helps you see what aspects of your business need improvement. Using the information you gathered, you get to acquire new customers, sell your products and services better, and avoid the things that do not work for your business. Make sure that your method for obtaining feedback is simple and hassle-free. That is how you could encourage more people to provide their honest thoughts about your business.

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