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Reputation Management Maintaining Your Online Image

Maintaining Your Online Image: 3 Reputation Management Tips

Keeping an online profile is a necessity for everyone, whether you’re a consumer or a brand. People use social media to connect with relatives, friends, and even co-workers by interacting in digital spaces. Brands use these online networks to foster a more interactive relationship with their target audience, from private DMs to public comment threads. The accessibility of the internet and the portability of powerful mobile devices makes all these features achievable by anyone, from expansive conglomerates to small businesses. Unfortunately, having an online profile comes with several disadvantages as well.

How to Maintain Your Online Reputation

Businesses staying on the grid of online networks do make you easier to track, find, and engage with. However, it also makes you vulnerable to negative input, and any damaging propaganda launched at your brand. Anyone can be a target online, whether you’re the United States president or an aspiring online business owner. Mishandling these instances of negative interactions and feedback can have adverse effects on your brand. This is why you must be aware of keeping things under control.

If you want to avoid being a social media spectacle, here are three online reputation tips you should follow:

  1. Learn and implement the right social listening software

All social media platforms have effective notification features to remind you of any engagement in your posts. However, you can’t always be on the look-out for negative comments on browsing hashtags and status posts. Although it’s manageable to maintain a relatively small following, it’s practically impossible to respond and monitor your online profiles manually. This is where automation and modern tools come in to support you.

You can use social listening tools to detect any potential news or discussions about your brand. You can do this by inputting specific keywords relevant to your company that an app will automatically scout posts across the net for, like a search engine.

  1. Respond accordingly to positive or negative mentions

If you get negative comments through your official messaging app or a social listening tool, you must still express formality in dealing with these online personas. People are more likely to be abrasive and harsh when there’s a screen between them and another individual. This is even more true for consumers launching complaints against companies.

When engaging with these aggravated individuals, you must know how to calmly ask them about their grievances and work toward giving them a satisfying answer. Similarly, you must acknowledge and welcome positive feedback to develop your online rapport with a public audience.

  1. Ask for feedback and recommendations for improvement

Consumers are receptive to a business that knows how to ask for help. You can bring your humility a step further by admitting your faults on some negative feedback you’ve received. This shows that you’re a company that’s willing to improve and learn through your customer base’s input and engagement. Remember to note any valuable recommendations you’ll receive and aptly thank your followers for putting their trust in your services.

Conclusion on Maintaining Your Online Image

The internet’s accessibility is a double-edged sword that can do more harm than good to your business’s success. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be reluctant about its potential risks if you want to grow and expand from your comfort zones. Proper anticipation and damage control are two tasks that you’ll get familiar with sooner or later if you’re going to maintain your business in the long-term. By closely monitoring your online reputation, you’ll have the right tools and data to respond accordingly in a proper manner.

Investing in your brand’s image online is a crucial aspect of running a successful enterprise. At Turnkey Reputation, we provide our clients with active monitoring, increased online presence, and smart reviews to develop your online rapport! If you need an online reputation management service, contact us today at (833) 276-7276.


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