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Image Building For Your Brand

Approaches to Remember when Image-Building for Your Brand

Consumers are becoming more and more reliant on the internet in order to make informed decisions as they go along. It’s how they find local businesses, too. With practically everyone moving online or at least establishing an online presence these days, the digital footprint of a brand is more important than ever.

Online Reputation Management

The concept of reputation management is not new to business owners/leaders. However, being aware of ORM, having a working knowledge of it, or being equipped with a deeper understanding of it are all rather different things. A key distinction is that ORM is a different concept from reputation marketing, which can do wonders for a brand’s image to get built online alongside sales being increased considerably.

Reputation Marketing

When it comes to business growth, it’s crucial to take the presence of a brand to different heights. This is where reputation marketing comes in. Essentially, it’s taking on a more aggressive course of action. One example of this aggressive approach is posting testimonials and reviews on your website, showcasing every good thing people are saying about your brand.

On the other hand, reputation management is a passive/reactive take. Reputation management tools come into play when there’s a need to respond to negative content like unpleasant reviews and/or press that does more harm than good.

In these modern times, everyone is cautious of what gets posted online about them. This is particularly true for people across social media. Since that’s the case anywhere in the world, what makes your brand any different? The answer, of course, is your brand absolutely needs to have a good grip on its online image. Whenever customers start looking for information on your business, brand, or even you, it’s vital that everything they get are as authentic as they are good.

What’s the Best Way to Pull Together a Reputation Marketing Strategy?

  • Get Honest Feedback through a Campaign

Reviews are a fantastic way to boost the image of any brand. More and more people are starting to have the same amount of faith in online reviews as they would if someone they knew personally recommended something. Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp can make all the difference in gathering valuable reviews from customers. Reputation marketing is all about properly positioning your brand as an authority figure.

  • Sift Reviews to See Where You Need to Improve On

Avoid paying for reviews; that’s usually considered unethical, and the legality is questionable. Look at the bad reviews and work on those feedback that can help you become better. At some point, a pattern will emerge regarding issues that well and truly need attention, like your prices, the product or service’s quality, and even issues with customer support or staff interactions.


Reputation marketing is often confused with reputation management, but the two are actually quite different. Reputation marketing has more to do with proactive steps regarding your brand’s image online. Pull a reputation marketing strategy together by gathering reviews through a campaign and sorting reviews to get a better view of areas that need troubleshooting.

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