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Get Google Reviews for Beauty Salons

What Are Clients Saying About Your Salon?
You should know.

The majority of customers your salon receives have checked out your online reputation before coming to your salon. In fact, 87 percent of people use the internet to find their next company. What people say about you and your practice online could determine whether or not you get a new customer.

At TurnKey Reputation, we understand the importance of a solid online reputation. Unlike other companies, we don’t just monitor, we actively manage and market your reputation so that you are reaching a broader spectrum of patients. It is our goal to establish your 5-star rating so that when a patient finds your information online, they’re confident when they make an appointment.

Your Salon is One Negative Review Away From a Poor Reputation

All it takes is one negative review to damage the reputation of your salon. Fortunately negative reviews are something that every beauty salon can avoid if they have the right reputation marketing system on their side.

Your Salon’s Reputation Is Your #1 Priority

It doesn’t matter how you market your salon — print advertisements, referrals from insurance, etc. — if you have a poor reputation online, no one will want to use your services. All it takes is one disgruntled client or one upset parent to ruin your salon for good.

That is where we come in to play.

TurnKey Reputation helps you manage, monitor and create a 5-star profile online that complements your current marketing efforts. When people see positive reviews, they book appointments. Period.

Reviews for Salons

How TurnKey Reputation Works for You

When you hire us, we implement a four-stage process that delivers excellent results.

Stage 1 – Building Your Reputation

You can’t get anywhere online if you don’t have a reputation. We’ll help solicit reviews from past and current customers, and we’ll start monitoring all online review sites to see what patients are saying about your salon. Everything is organized into a database for you to review so you can see what people from around the country are saying about your business.

Stage 2 – Marketing Your Reputation

We take your stellar reputation and market it online!

Stage 3 – Manage Your Reputation

Our innovative monitoring system instantly notifies you when a review is posted about your salon, whether it is good or bad. This helps you take action right away to correct any negative reviews before they spread across the web.

Stage 4 – Foster a 5-Star Reputation

Last, we educate and train your staff members so that they promote a 5-star rating environment. You want customers to feel compelled to write positive reviews and promote your business, and we’ll show your team how to do it.

It’s Time to Get a Check-Up on Your Reputation

If you aren’t monitoring your company’s reputation online, you’re putting your salon at risk. Our reputation marketing service does it all, from monitoring to managing to promoting. We help you harness the power of the internet to not only promote your salon but pinpoint issues where you need to correct so that you get 5-star reviews all of the time.

Get started with a limited time offer to build a positive reputation for your salon. Receive everything here and enjoy:

  • 30-Day Free Unlimited Trial
  • No contract, period
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  • Free branding to your Salon
  • Automated review collection and integration with your current system


Effortlessly Increase Customer Reviews for Your Business

Our team of experts can help increase your customer reviews & GROW YOUR BUSINESS using our proprietary system.

Branded To Your Business

Branded to Your Business

Everything your customer sees is branded to your business, and all interactions are 100% customizable to fit your needs.

Active Monitoring

Active Monitoring

Track your entire web presence online. Monitor you and your competition in real time and receive alerts to all important changes to your reputation.

Increased Online Presence

Increased Online Presence

Rank above your competitors with a system that automatically increases the number of online reviews your company has across the web.

Adjustable Automations

Adjustable Automations

System automations, such as setting a delay when the system sends a review request to your customer, can be completely adjusted to maximize results.

Smart Reviews

Smart Reviews

Our proprietary system will decide which review site each positive review should be added to based on real-time information.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly Reporting

Access your dashboard anytime for the information you want or sit back and receive automatic monthly reports detailing your online reputation.

Our Proprietary Reputation System Works with ALL Review Websites

Choose only the Review Sites you want or let our Smart System Identify the Best Review Sites for You on Auto-Pilot!

Our system is constantly scanning for new review sites as well as tracking where your competitors have reviews to help give you the advantage.

Easily Integrates with 750+ Applications

Utilizing Zapier, TurnKey Reputation integrates with over 750 applications like Quickbooks, Salesforce, Stripe, MailChimp, and much more!

If you use Quickbooks, for example, TurnKey Reputation can automatically ask your customer for a review when you invoice them without the need to do anything on your end!  Easily create automations for over 750+ popular applications to effortlessly and automatically collect and publish positive reviews across the internet!

Zapier Integrations
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Standout from Your Competitors with a Top Reputation

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