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Automated Reputation Marketing

The Five Star Treatment: Automated Reputation Marketing

There used to be a time when word-of-mouth would simply suffice in letting people know how good your products and services are. However, times have changed, and people aren’t just going to trust mere comments on a social media site. No, they need to get their resources from well-trusted reviews—and most of the time, these legitimate reviews will determine whether or not you’ll be earning your pay for the day.

The thing about online reviews is that, if not many people have bought your products or services yet, there wouldn’t even be any testimonials on how good they were. So unless you’d solely rely on your other marketing strategies, the most effective way of letting your target market know more about your brand is through past customer feedback.

“If I don’t have that many reviews about my business, how will I get the more positive ones known to people?”

Having fewer reviews doesn’t always equate to having fewer opportunities to grow your target audience’s brand recognition. Remember, even these little positive reviews may turn out in your favor, gathering more customers along the way! Some agencies offer their innovative automated reputation marketing systems to those who are hoping to boost their reviews. These systems are effective in getting your reputation known across the internet.

“How does the automated system accomplish this?”

Automated reputation marketing systems are a new way to boost the reputation of your brand online. 

The system automatically detects about forty percent of all your customer’s positive reviews. It will then identify the well-known review sites where your customer’s reviews should supposedly appear. Each and every one of these reviews would be important in letting people know about your brand’s reputation, helping boost your sales as well. 

Remember, we’re just talking about the positive reviews here, hence, how the system manages to give your target audience a positive light on your products and services!

“Would I be able to monitor the progress as well?”

Yes, you will. Even before it hits the target website, you’ll be able to preview the reviews that are all in your favor. You’ll also be able to get a glimpse of the negative reviews, giving you and your community managers the opportunity to respond to these reviews and turn the situation around, thus adding more good reviews to your overall count. 

Of course, interaction with them isn’t a guarantee that their review will change—but at least, you’ll still have the chance to improve on the rating!

“Are these the only functions of an automated reputation management system?”

The automated system also functions as a social listening tool, in a way. The only difference is that it isn’t gathering data from a social media platform; rather, it’s getting them from the review websites which feature your product ratings. It will provide a breakdown of all the target market’s perceptions towards your brand, may it be positive, negative, and even neutral.


Automated reputation marketing systems are a fairly new innovation when it comes to managing a brand’s overall reputation. It’s not really a ‘mainstream’ way of marketing a brand, at least, not yet. However, in this day and age, any form of innovation can just take off, and this system is no different than the first few digital marketing techniques that earned their dues because of their efficiency and reach. 

Our automated reputation management system here at Turnkey Reputation is one of a kind. Aside from the usual functions already mentioned in this post, there are other elements within our reputation management tool that were designed to boost your ratings and brand recognition beyond the roof. For more information about our automated system, contact us through our official landline today!

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